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Get the perfect golden tan with Tropical Sun Airbrush Tan solution!! Gone are the orange tones associated with other products.   We have the best balance of ingredients with an instant bronzer added.  Start making money today!  The possibilities are endless. See our Business Owners Guide to start building a thriving business. 

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Dihyroxyacetone or DHA is the active ingredient found in most self tanning products. DHA is a colorless sugar cane that has been FDA approved for more than 30 years. DHA can be found in some of your cosmetics and darkens the skin by interacting with the amino acids and proteins on the outer layer of your skin, to produce a beautiful golden tan. 


In addition to DHA, Tropical Sun Airbrush Tan contains an immediate bronzer. The bronzer determines the initial color of your skin after your application. After you first shower, Tropical Sun Airbrush Tan leaves your skin with a wonderful glowing color.  Proper skin hydration is the key to maximum longevity of your tan. Tropical Sun also contains ingredients that will enhance the quality and duribility of the tan, such as Eurytholose and Aloe Vera.  This helps the tan last longer through skin moisturization.  These are premium ingredients, and cheaper sprays leave these very expensive ingredients out of their solutions.



The color that remains is produced by the DHA reacting with your skin. DHA will always produce the same results based on concentration and application levels. 


Many spray tan solutions quote the percentage (%) of DHA.  Simply going for a higher DHA is not always the best tan. 

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