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Do you want to start your own Airbrush Tan Company?  If you already have a salon or business, airbrush tan is an excellent way to increase profitability.  The possibliities are unlimited!  Tropical Sun is an exceptional solution. When you begin with and outstanding product, business will flourish.   We have all the equipment you need to set up  your business today!

The airbrush is a precision instrument that allows for a smooth, flawless application. Special care can be taken to avoid over application on problem areas such as knees, elbows, hair, blemishes and other skin afflictions that tend to absorb more color.

Misting booths require you to move in a series of ways within the booth to cover each area. The machine and the consumer has no control over the product or where it ends up. If you wear a shower cap to protect your hair  the booth, results in unsightly tan lines on the forehead and hair line.  With a spray gun, you can control where the solution goes.

Hand application can result in a streaky application, or stained hands due to the inability to properly apply the product yourself. In addition you are rubbing the product on instead of gently having it settle on your skin.

The airbrush spraygun with its precision and flexibility is a far better application method of choice.

Tropical Sun Spray Tan solution is individually produced and shipped fresh and is 100% exclusive.  You can order the solution in 8% or 10%.  We suggest you have both on hand. 

With our solution and this helpful guide you could be up and running in no time.  There are a few essentials you will need to start. Tropical Sun Airbrush tan DHA Solution.
  1. Complete Airbrush system with compressor and sprayer. Our Products
  2. You need adequate ventilation.
  3. Shower caps, face masks, moisturizer, petrolium jelly and disposible gloves.
  4. Drying Fans.
  5. Paper for under the feet.

Now that you have the basic essentials, let's get started.  With time and patience your confidence and skill will improve.  Spray tanning is what you make it.  It's an art project and the customer is the canvas.  You want to create the perfect tan every time.  As far as the customer goes, they want the best price with the best product and service.  Tropical Sun airbrush solution provides the best tanning solution possible.  Clients will be banging down your door for their next tan.  We have salons that do an incredible amount of spray tans per month.  Now, you need to decide on a price per tan.  They usually range from $25 to $40 per session.
Let's start tanning!
Find out why the client is getting a spray tan.  Have the client undress to their comfort level.  Apply a light moisturizer to their knees, elbows and any very dry skin areas.  Apply petrolium jelly to their palms of their hands and bottom of their feet.Airbrush tan absorbs more in these areas.  The petrolium jelly will block the tanning solution and the light moisturizer will prevent the knees and elbows from abosorbing some of the solution.  After your client has applied the moisturizer and petrolium jelly, instruct them not to touch any other part of their body from this moment on.  Now you are ready to spray them.
The trick is to keep the spray gun moving at all times.  Once you hesitate in one area it will go on darker in one spot.  You can wipe the area completely wait for it to dry a little and do it again.  Surface hair will collect the spray, so if it looks as if it is going to drip move to a different area.  You can spray in short bursts, or hold the nozzle down completely.  If you pull the trigger 1/2 way it will spray air only.  Experiment with your settings on the gun.  You can have it wide open, which releases a heavier mist or almost closed for a fine mist. When spraying the face, make sure the client is exhaling. 
After you are done, have the client stand in front of the fans until they are dry.  That's it!!  See how easy it is to start making money!!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us and talk to one of our spray tan specalists.

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